Management Team

Asiatic Group has a strong, qualified and vast experienced Management Team to provide effective leadership and set the right policy for successful business operation and growth.


Md. Shafiqul Alam is a talented and rising business man. He has put forward his passion and many years of hard work for the development of the Group. He strongly emphasizes on the development of people leading to their better performance.

Managing Director

Md. Sohrab Hossain is a self-made businessman gradually turned into an industrialist. He is a natural leader who drives Group vision and inspires its people to achieve that vision with sincerity, efficiency and professionalism. Under his dynamic leadership the Group has been undertaking new business ventures one after another. He always puts strong focus on customer satisfaction through timely delivery of quality products. He is a well-known figure in the business community. He has strong passion for business development and growth. A frequent traveler having wide exposures to the business environment of many counties of the world.

Deputy Managing Director

Md. Abdullahel Hossain is one of the pioneering textile engineers in Bangladesh. He has graduated in textile engineering in 3rd batch from Bangladesh University of Textile (former Textile Engineering College) back in 1985. He has undergone training on textile and dyeing in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and China. He has contributed a lot for the development of textile and dyeing sector. He possess vast knowledge and experience on the sector. He is widely respected in the textile sector of the country. He is very well connected with the manufacturers of machinery and producers of dyes & chemicals. The Group is privileged to enjoy the benefits of his long expertise in textile and dyeing technology.

Other Members of Management Team

Director Business Development, Director Marketing, Director Operation, Director Planning, Director Finance and Director Human Resources & Administration.