The Group

Asiatic Group has a long history of more than 30 years in business. Starting its journey back in 1984, this group has come up a long way forward to take the shape and size of what it is today. Group has following business enterprises in different sectors of the economy of Bangladesh:

  • Asiatic Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Sanjana Fabrics Ltd.
  • Afaz Textile & Composite Mills Ltd.
  • SBI Trading Ltd.
  • Asiatic Properties Ltd.
  • Asiatic Shopping Mall Cum Residential Complex Ltd.
  • H. H. Textile Mills Ltd.

The Group has an annual turnover of approximately USD 35 million. Group has employed about 1,000 staff and workers.


Excellence in all our businesses through providing quality products to our customers.


  • Provide quality products to all our customers at home and abroad
  • Setting industry standard production processes
  • Making production facilities environment friendly
  • Sharing success with our people
  • Achieving business growth through dynamic leadership


  • Manufacture industry standard quality products in all business units
  • Drive innovation and process improvement through adopting new technology
  • Comply with regulatory requirements for business operations
  • Develop human capital and professionalism in the organization
  • Encourage implementation of corporate culture and practice